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All modules that go through the cycling process are rated with a high degree of accuracy. Knowing precisely what each module is capable of is the key to building a well balanced pack.
24 month 24,000 mileage warranty standard with every purchase. Warranty limited to replacement and/or repair of high voltage battery pack, non-transferable and void if pack is removed.
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Our hybrid battery replacement service caries a warranty and won't break the bank! Aquire a robust and long lasting battery pack that’s ready for the road!

Hybrid Battery Service

All of our packs are completely disassembled and tested during the remanufacturing process. Viable internal components are reused while components that don’t make the cut are replaced. Replace Yours Today Hybrid Battery Reconditioning
prius battery replacement

Warning Signs

The onboard computers in your hybrid vehicle do an excellent job of monitoring many different aspects of your vehicles operation. When the HV battery begins to operate outside of the acceptable parameters for your vehicle, trouble codes will be triggered and stored. The hybrid control master warning light will illuminate and often other system lights will go on as well. When HV battery failure occurs you will notice a reduction in fuel economy along with engine run times that are longer and more frequent than usual. Rest assured knowing that Hybrid Battery Service will always confirm the necessity of pack replacement before installing your new battery!

Hybrid Battery Reconditioning


20 years professional auto repair experience

Joel has worked at a variety of independent auto repair facilities over the years, currently specializing in Japanese and hybrid vehicles

Bachelor of science from the Vehicle Research Institute at Western Washington University 2007

The curriculum at the VRI includes materials science coupled with design related to alternatively fueled vehicles

ASE certified master tech (A1-A8)
L1 Advanced level specialist
L3 hybrid vehicle specialist